Monday, September 12, 2011

"It's Alive" in progress

This is the newest piece in progress, inspired by my thoughts about heart surgery, being an oddball and, really, what it is to be a Frankenstein. Before starting this, (and I incidentally do this on many pieces) I wrote down some thoughts about what it is to be a monster made from man, made by man to be a man but ultimately failing in every intention, aspiration and understanding of what it is to be human and being treated like an utter freak (which Frankenstein was), and this is on the back on this wood panel:
"Disparate parts put together to make a creature like man but wholly and truly a monster of pain-always an outcast, always persecuted, misunderstood. Feeling the weight of the world and destroyed by it."
So, this and a few other pieces in progress. Also really really contemplating where I can store my sculptural pieces before I go head-first and start on them. As always, I will do my best to keep you lovely folks updated. We will see.

Song of the Moment: "All Caps" by MF Doom
Color Obsession: Turquoise
New Word(Learn it, Use it, Become Smarter): Castigate

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