Thursday, October 27, 2011

Lots in Love of Art and such things

Started on a rather large painting-I might have mentioned it in earlier in posts, but I'm a little too other-worldly at the moment to remember-but, I have only worked this big once before, not enjoying the result. I am, of course, a little freaking worried about making a great piece because...well, I don't want to fuck up on this large of scale. I will post photos as soon as I take a few that properly represent it.
A few nights ago I got a bug up my ass and started painting and sculpting again. I have had this paper clay that I wanted to try because I want to start creating some masks, but having never worked in it before, I tried it out in a smallish piece. And yes, I know...another skull. It's not quite finished but I enjoy it immensely and the clay doesn't require the usual kiln firing (air dries), is light, doesn't have a smell to it (like oil-based clay) and is easy to manipulate, holding texture really well.

The other thing I was doing whilst sculpting was painting over bad drawings in my mini-sketch book. This is the evolution of this little pink water flower. I think it looks rather nice and is much better than what is beneath it.

So all in all, keeping busy, getting into shenanigans and such.

Song of the month: "Iron Man" Four Tet
Color Obsession: Mauve
Words that make ya smarter: Predilection

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