Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Moments in Between the Noise

I'm messing around on a collage piece in between working on a commissioned painting which has been a bit of a struggle for me. Having something fun and with no preconceived outcome is a good way to reset my mind and get out of my own way. Kind of like meditation...the silence in between all the noise.

I enjoy collage much more than painting. I'm always fighting in painting...fighting the image, all the training I received backed up on loop in my brain and at some point stop and say "fuck" really loud and drawn out because it's not what I want to have done at all, and always, always fighting myself. It's very rare that I get joy from it. Collaging on the other hand, I've had no classes for. There are no rules save for the copyright infringement, so basically it's completely free. I can do whatever I want how I want. No one can tell me how it's done is wrong because it's just opinion about a working process. The energy is so rewarding that I am probably never going to do traditional paint-only works again after this commission is done.

Below are some photos of the new piece.

This will be a hand holding special objects

The head of a transformative being that has no permanent shape

She's working on building the one thing she lacks, a functioning heart

So that's that, as they say.

Color Obsession: French Gray
Song Obsession: "Sol" by Zwan
Smart Words: Supinate

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