Friday, May 16, 2014

Red Mask Beading: A Pandora's Box

So if you follow me on facebook, you'll have already seen these in progress photos on the red mask, but I post them here because now I can talk for a bit.

Look at Gary II. Now I feel he requires a hat of sorts, if only so accentuate his fine sculpted bone structure ;-).
This beading...this insane beading with seed beads has created some issues. One, it's seed beading, which is ridiculous. They are 1/16, super small which equals a very time consuming task. You lose them quickly if you drop them(or a whole strand. Curse words abound!) and are patience-testers. They are what they are and their qualities are much more appreciated when you are not working with them. I took a box home filled with all the beads I want to use and spent a few days beading at home, after work, on the weekends, before bed. But after figuring out how to strand them with efficiency, I now want to do more of this with other masks. So, there's that.
I don't know why I choose to do this to myself. (Insert blank face here)

Also, I've also been working on/ignoring somewhat a new website and will be blaring that all over the social media feeds as soon as it's completed. Which needs to be soon.

Anybody else's To-Do list seem never-ending? I feel I should just refer to it as my Mobius Strip instead. More accurate that way.

Alright, enough. I need to get back to the studio and work.

Color obsession: dirty plum
New song obsession: "Death of Me" by Gojira
Vocabulary improvement: verisimilitude
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