Friday, September 20, 2013

An (unfortunate?) Aspect of an Artist's Temperament

Wow. So, the last time I posted was back in February and one could assume that I had died or absconded to some strange corner of the world with no network connection, but I've been actually been buried in the mist of living life. And as always, it seems to get more hectic the moment I think I have a good handle on thangs.

I have fallen into an artist-specific trait of "Just Drawing/Painting/Sculpting" (basically working)and generally not following through with the well-intentioned updating of the website/blog/facebook or any socializing, although I have been better on the FB posts as it's usually pretty instantaneous and requires no real writing effort. And for reals, I know to be "viable" I have to update on a regular basis. But, really, all I think most of the time is "fuuuuuck that shit. I got some art to do." This is also present in Justin Sweet's recently updated site, which has new work and is, as always, so friggin' cool it's not surprising that he's a huge influence for me.

Anyways, here's some photos that I have posted via Facebook but will be a good li'l artist and post here as well.
ze tiga-a sketch that started somewhere else

"Be a Good Girl"
"Smoke Hyena of the Future Plains"

"Laundry Clairvoyant" in progress

"Tiny Senorita"

"Smoke Hyena of the Future Plains" is a mixed media acrylic and pencil painting. "Tiny Senorita" is gouache and water color on a 2"x3" trading card. "Laundry Clairvoyant," essentially one piece of collage, laundry drying on lines in the sun, on lace affixed surface, is an in progress work.

I will endeavor to be better about posting, although I will most likely fail.

Color: plum
Sound obesssion: Wilco's Yankee Hotel Foxtrot album
Word of the moment: Hootenanny

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