Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Break out of your Head

This is a new mask in progress...I call it "Bloom."
I've been much more productive as of late; probably more independently productive than I've ever been, including college, which was more about getting shit done, not necessarily liking the outcome. This is very different. Everything is very different, and all flying on strong wings and good winds.
I finally finished the sculpting stage and he's now on the radiator drying.  I took him off the stuffed mask form I used and was really surprised; I'm very happy with the result.  I think he looks fantastic.  I assume he's going to take about a week to be fully dry and then begins the process of sanding, drilling and then painting.  I'm still contemplating what colors to use, but I usually leave that up to the moment.  My instincts are usually spot-fuckin'-on with color.
"Bloom" in progress
I have other mask concepts in the works, written on the mirrors and glass cupboards, post-its and the like.  After about two more skull masks, I think I'll be moving on to others; animal totems keep assailing me and I have to give in soon.  They keep coming to me in waves, an endless ocean of ideas and feelings.  This is all good.  I just wish I had more space and time.  But it will come, hopefully along with more patience.

Color Obsession:  Crimson
Song Obsession: "Essence" by Yob
Words that make ya smarter: Liberate

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