Friday, July 20, 2012

"Prolapse Murmur" in progress

I have dubbed this piece in progress "Prolapse Murmur," although that title can change at any point until it's varnished.  I brought more layered dripping and have added some collage material that I believe makes the piece more interesting.  I thoroughly enjoy the skulls in the background and may start doing some larger paintings of them in the near future.

I think after this one is finished, it will be the last Heart piece I do for a while.  Or maybe not.  Who the fuck knows, 'coz I definitely don't (Ha!).  I have created so few pieces in comparison to the experiences to explore, and it has also a great learning process, although why I am surprised is beyond me.  I think that's one of my favorite things about doing art; you literally learn more about yourself and what you can do each time. I'm pretty sure I'll paint some more of these as time goes on, as my thoughts and feelings change, as perspectives and Time is often known to do.  But the first set is, of course, Rage and Shame based.  Oh to be an artist! Laughing like a lunatic and crying bunnies all around =) 

Song Obsession: "Seabeast" by Mastodon
Color of the moment: Bruise turquoise
Words that make ya sma'ta': Penultimate

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