Wednesday, May 11, 2011

It's finally here...

Dunnnn Dunnnnn Duunnnnn DUNNAAAAAA!
Yes, I have great news and excitement abound as I announce (quite proudly) that my website is FINALLY done and have published it with a new and sexier address, so please, take a moment and even if you think it sucks, just shush yourself and be nice!

And I am going to try to commit to posting as least once a let you all know I'm alive (and the "you all" is my ego's way of not saying "my mother") and still kickin' ass with piss and vinegar running through these veins of mine. ROAR!!!

Song of the Month: "John Wayne on Acid" by D-Styles
Word of the Month: Phantasmagorical
Color I'm obsessed with at the current moment: Aquamarine

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