Thursday, August 6, 2009

lost and FOUND!

So, I thought I had lost this sketch I did in Corel almost a year ago and I was super bummed because I liked it SO much. But low and behold, it was stuck in my ipod where I knew I wouldn't just delete it accidentally (because anything I have on my Ipod is my LIFE...I love me music, yo!), and I FOUND IT! GAAAAAH! It was as if I'd found the long lost magical article that would bring about the end of the world and it was MINE...again. LOL! I've done more work to it and am planning on doing more, but this is what I've done to it in a 30 minute period. I call it The Bubble Warrior

Song of the Week: "Rock On" by David Essex
Word of the Week: Copacetic
Color: blue-grey

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